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 mimio 6.0


  1. Installing mimio 6.0 software - you can install the new mimio Studio 6.0 software 2 ways:
    • In NAL click on the mimio 6.0 icon
    • Download from the website  and run install - http://www.mimio.com/support/downloads.php (use ths serial number STU50-00000-VJU1A-Q9PU6 or the serial number on the back of your mimio bar)
    • IMPORTANT - remove the mimio dongle from the USB port on your computer prior to installing the software.  Put the dongle back in the USB port when the installation is complete


   2.    Calibrating your mimio for use with mimio Mouse (Interactive mode)

    • You will need to calibrate your mimio the first time you use it.  Watch the quick movie to see how it is done:
      • Video - Calibrating your mimio
    • IMPORTANT - You can set up your mimio so you do not need to calibrate each time. Follow the steps below:
      • Open mimio Notebook
      • Click on Tools/ Settings
      • Click on Interactive (on the side menu)
      • Place a check mark in the box next to Use previous calibration
      • Click OK


  3.   mimio Tools - the basics...

  • Handouts
  • ASSIGNMENT 1 - Written Notes to Text
    • Review the example lesson - Recognize Ink Example.ink
    • Create a 2 page .ink file
      • Page 1- Create a 1 page ink file with handwritten notes
      • Page 2 - Copy  and paste the handwritten notes to page 2 and convert the notes to text. Remember you can convert handwritten notes by clicking on Tools/Recognize Ink. 
      • Save the file to your home directory in a folder called mimio lessons to share.
      • When you have finished share your file with a classmate. Also show your classmate your favorite tool!


  • ASSIGNMENT 2 - Modifying an Exisiting Template
    • Review the example lesson - Contractions Lesson.ink
      • Notice that thiz lesson was mage by creating text boxes with both yellow and blue writing.  If you double-click on the textbox, you see that you can edit the current text.
      • Create a similar lesson using the contractions template that fits your grade level and content. It can be a math lesson, science lesson or any other lesson, but use the creation techniques in the "Contractions" lesson. 
      • Save the file to your home directory in a folder called mimio Lessons to share.
      • When you have finished we will share these lessons as a group.


  4.    mimio Tools -  Importing into mimio Notebook   

  • The new mimio 6.0 software allows you to import Word, Powerpoint, and PDF files directly into mimio Notebook .  What that means to you is you do not have to go into Screen Annotation mode but can actually import the file and mark it up using all of the tools you learned about above.
  • Watch the short video recording to see how easy it is to import your files
  • ASSIGNMENT 3 - Importing a File
    • Review the example lesson - Importing a File.ink
    • Notice that each page of the original Word Document has been imported into each page in mimio Notebook.  Most likely, you would want to zoomin twice.  Notice a scroll bar exists on the right side so that you can annotate and easily scroll up and down.
    • Create a similar template using your own .doc, .ppt or .pdf
    • Save the file to your home directory in a folder called mimio Lessons.
    • Practice annotating the imported file using the tools.
    • Teach a lesson to one classmate using the imported files and the tools.


  5.   mimio Gallery 

  • The new mimio 6.0 software has a new format for the Gallery. Note that there are now 4 categories of items that can nbe contained in the Gallery -
    • Images-- includes pictures.
    • Templates - includes entire .ink pages
    • Multimedia - includes movies, animations, and audio objects.
    • Lessons - include mimio .ink lessons. You can create your own lessons or import lessons created by someone else.
  • Handout - Mimio Gallery -Mimio Gallery.docx


  • Watch the short video recording to how Gallery is set up
  • ASSIGNMENT 4- Searching the Gallery
    • Use the search box at the the top of thh Gallery bar to search for animals
    • Create a 1 page .ink file adding animals to the notebook page. Label the animals using the text tool.
    • Save the file to your home directory in a folder called mimio Lessons
    • EXTRA!!!!  If you would like to use animal pictures from the web or another electronic source - watch the video and learn how easy it is to use the screen clipping tool to add items to your own Gallery!!
      • Video - Screen Clipping NOTE - you can drag any of teh items you screen clip right into your Gallery for later use!!!


  • ASSIGNMENT 5 - Exploring the Gallery
    • Explore Templates, Multimedia and Lessons.
    • Create a lesson using something from one of the areas you explored.
    • Save the file to your home directory in a folder called mimio Lessons 
    • Use the lesson to teach one classmate.


  6.   mimio Connect

  • mimio Connect is a new online resource where teachers worldwide can share valuable teaching resources (.ink lessons, .mcf galleries, and interactive website links). Resources can be searched by keyword, subject, and/or grade level. Please go to www.mimioconnect.com and register for this valuable teaching resource center. Spend some time reading through some of the resources. Note: You will need a mimio serial code (located on the back of the bar) in order to register for the site.
  • Handout - Downloading templates, lessons and galleries from mimio Connect
  • ASSIGNMENT 6 - Modify an Exisiting Template from mimio Connect
    • Register for an account at www.mimioconnect.com
    • Pick  one .ink lessons from www.mimioconnect.com and edit to fit your particular content (similar to the "Modify an Existing Template" assignments completed earlier)
    • Save the file to your home directory in a folder called mimio Lessons 
    • Be prepared to share your lesson


  7.  Using mimio for screen annotation (formerly mark-up mode) outside of mimio Notebook

  • When working outside of mimio Notebook you must first go into Screen Annotation mode before you can use the mimio tools to mark-up your page. Watch the video to learn how to go in and back out of this mode and where to access your marked-up page when youare done.
  • ASSIGNMENT 7 - Screen Annotations
    • Choose a website that you would use to teach a lesson (remember all of our online  subscriptions


    • Once you have located the website, use the screen annotation tool to allow you to mark-up the page.
    • Complete your markups and go back into Mouse mode.
    • Open mimio Notebook and the Gallery and locate the file that you have marked up in the Gallery folder called Screen Annotations
    • Drag that file into the notebook and save in a folder called mimio Lessons.


CONGRATUALTIONS!!!!  You have completed the mimio Masters beginning course!!!! 

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