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mimio Connect (New)

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mimio Connect


  mimio Connect


  • mimio Connect is a new online resource where teachers worldwide can share valuable teaching resources (.ink lessons, .mcf galleries, and interactive website links). Resources can be searched by keyword, subject, and/or grade level. Please go to www.mimioconnect.com and register for this valuable teaching resource center. Spend some time reading through some of the resources.


  • ASSIGNMENT 1 - Modify an Exisiting Template from mimio Connect
    • Register for an account at www.mimioconnect.com
    • Pick  one .ink lessons from www.mimioconnect.com and edit to fit your particular content (similar to the "Modify an Existing Template" assignments completed earlier)
    • Save the file to your home directory in a folder called mimio Lessons 
    • Be prepared to share your lesson

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