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mimio Gallery

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 mimio Gallery


  5.   mimio Gallery 


  • The mimio 6.0 software has a new format for the Gallery.  Note that there are now 4 categories of items that can be contained in the Gallery -
    • Images-- includes pictures.
    • Templates - includes entire .ink pages
    • Multimedia - includes movies, animations, and audio objects.
    • Lessons - include mimio .ink lessons. You can create your own lessons or import lessons created by someone else.
  • Handout - Mimio Gallery -Mimio Gallery.docx 



  • ASSIGNMENT 1-  Searching the Gallery
    • Use the search box at the the top of the Gallery bar to search for animals
    • Create a 1 page .ink file adding animals to the notebook page. Label the animals using the text tool.
    • Save the file to your home directory in a folder called mimio Lessons
    • EXTRA!!!!  If you would like to use animal pictures from the web or another electronic source - watch the video and learn how easy it is to use the screen clipping tool to capture images and then  add them to your own Gallery!!
      • Video - Screen Clipping  NOTE - you can drag any of the items you screen clip right into your Gallery for later use!!! You can organize in folders by right clicking in the menu of the Gallery and adding a folder. Once you have moved the items into the folder you can  right click on each and choose Properties to rename each image and add tags for searching.


  • ASSIGNMENT 2 - Exploring the Gallery
    • Explore Templates, Multimedia and Lessons.
    • Create a lesson using a template, multimedia or lesson from the Gallery that fits into your curriculum .
    • Save the file to your home directory in a folder called mimio Lessons 
    • Use the lesson to teach one classmate.



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