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mimio Tools - importing into mimio Notebook

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 mimio Tools - Importing into mimio Notebook



  4.    mimio Tools -  Importing into mimio Notebook   


  • The new mimio 6.0 software allows you to import Word, Powerpoint, and PDF files directly into mimio Notebook .  What that means to you is you do not have to go into Screen Annotation mode but can actually import the file and mark it up using all of the tools you learned about in the previous lesson. 



  • ASSIGNMENT 1 - Importing a File
    • Review the example lesson - Importing a File.ink
    • Notice that each page of the original Word Document has been imported into each page in mimio Notebook.  Most likely, you would want to zoom in twice.  Notice a scroll bar exists on the right side so that you can annotate and easily scroll up and down.
    • Create a similar template using your own .doc, .ppt or .pdf
    • Save the file to your home directory in a folder called mimio Lessons.
    • Practice annotating the imported file using the tools.
    • Teach a lesson to one classmate using the imported files and the tools.


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