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mimio Tools - the basics

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mimioTools...the basics



  3.   mimio Tools - the basics...



  • ASSIGNMENT 1 - Practice Using the Tools
    • Click Start>Programs>mimio Studio>mimio Notebook
    • Using the Pen, Highlighter, and Eraser
      • Write your first and last name with the pen and the college you attended using red ink
      • Erase your first name and change it to either Mr. or Ms.
      • Make a new page (Insert>New Page or by using the New Page icon)
      • Write your school name  and three letter school abbreviation in blue ink (make the width of the ink wider before writing the school name)
      • Highlight your school name in yellow (change the width of the highlighter to make it wider) 
    • Using the Reveal and Spotlight Tools
      • Make a new page and write a short question in black in with the answer below it then write another question below with its answer below.
      • Click Applications>Reveal and/or Spotlight and move them to show or hide information. Don't forget by using the blue icon in the upper right corner you can adjust the transparency. The red icon closes the Reveal/Spotlight tool.
    • Drawing and Erasing Objects and Creating Text Boxes
      • Make a new page and create a blue rectangle that has a green border
      • Create a purple circle with a black border (hint: To make a perfect circle, hold the shift key while drawing the circle)
      • Create a text box with your name in it.
      • Erase the blue rectangle (don't forget you must use the Selection arrow for this)


  • ASSIGNMENT 2 - Written Notes to Text

    • Review the example lesson - Recognize Ink Example.ink
    • Create a 2 page .ink file
      • Page 1- Create a 1 page ink file with handwritten notes
      • Page 2 - Copy  and paste the handwritten notes to page 2 and convert the notes to text. Remember you can convert handwritten notes by clicking on Tools/Recognize Ink. 
      • Save the file to your home directory in a folder called mimio lessons to share.
      • When you have finished share your file with a classmate. Also show your classmate your favorite tool!
  • - Modifying an Exisiting Template


    • Review the example lesson - Contractions Lesson.ink
    • Notice that this lesson was made by creating text boxes with both yellow and blue writing.  If you double-click on the textbox, you see that you can edit the current text.
    • Create a similar lesson using the contractions template that fits your grade level and content. It can be a math lesson, science lesson or any other lesson, but use the creation techniques in the "Contractions" lesson. 
    • Save the file to your home directory in a folder called mimio Lessons to share.
    • When you have finished we will share these lessons as a group.


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