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Screen Annotation

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 Screen Annotation (outside of mimio Notebook)



  7.  Using mimio for screen annotation (formerly mark-up mode) outside of mimio Notebook


  • When working outside of mimio Notebook you must first go into Screen Annotation mode before you can use the mimio tools to mark-up your page. Watch the video to learn how to go in and back out of this mode and where to access your marked-up page when you are done.


  • ASSIGNMENT 1 - Screen Annotations
    • Choose a website that you would use to teach a lesson (remember all of our online  subscriptions
    • Once you have located the website, use the screen annotation tool to allow you to mark-up the page.
    • Complete your markups and go back into Mouse mode (refer to mimio Software Reference Card  - software reference Card.pdf to locate the appropriate tools on the mimio toolbar)
    • Open mimio Notebook and the Gallery and locate the file that you have marked up in the Gallery folder called Screen Annotations
    • Drag that file into the notebook and save as an .ink file in a folder called mimio Lessons.


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